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Ancient Architecture

Red Brick Properties has been an exclusive agency on the buying and selling side, to just our in house investors. With high demand for our services and the investment world growing, we have now opened our experienced investment agents to the broader public.


From purchase to point of sale our agents and property managers are trained for successful real estate investing

By creating a business service meant to operate during the entire life-cycle of an investment, you will have a partner not an agent assisting you through the process. 

Investing has become entirely seamless


We have created a one stop shop for real estate investors

1. Identify an Investment

2. Purchase

3. Have it Fully Managed

4. Sell and get your property sent to our list of investors

Most agents are not trained to understand the entire scope of an investment
Our Agents are Different
Urban Street

Our Tailored Service

Our agents are not just required to have their real estate license


They also need one year of property management experience or own real estate investments themselves

With the owners of Red Brick Properties being real estate investors, it was obvious a different type of service was needed


One that included the entire life-cycle of an investment but also having agents that have knowledge in the investing industry

Broker - Frank A. Oliverio

- Broker of Red Brick Properties LLC

- Real estate attorney for 15 years

- Law Degree at Creighton and xxx

- 4 Investment properties owned

- Thousands of real estate transactions closed

Principal Agent - David W. Flores

- Owner of 30+ long term and short term rentals

- Co-Founder of Red Brick Properties

- Licensed Real Estate Professional

- 5 years of property management experience

- Finance Degree at Pennsylvania State University

Principal Agent - Michael D. Dicenso

- Invested in over 80+ doors

- Co-Founder of Red Brick Properties

- Licensed Real Estate Professional

- Business Degree at Rutgers

- 4 Year Green-Beret in United States Special Forces

Elegant Leather Cases

Additional Resource Include

Real Estate Analysis Tools

Market analysis

Contractor reconmendations

Financing recomendations

Local accountant partnerships

Property Management Services

Handyman services for routine repairs

Cleaning services for recurring maintenance

Experience Real Estate investing in a new way

Vendors for lawn care and snow removal

Agents and Property Managers tailored to your goals

Real Estate - Morgantown WV
Red Brick Properties - Commercial Investment Brokerage.jpeg

Frank A. Oliverio, Esq./Broker

58 High Street

Morgantown, WV 26505


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