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Integrity & Honesty Is Our Commitment 

Stress Free is our Promise

Our Business

As real estate investors themselves, the founders knew it was time to team up and create a property management company in Morgantown WV, Bridgeport WV, and surrounding areas that gave a premium service with full transparency. We understand that property management is the most important thing for successful investing and happy tenants. That is why from the ground up, we have built a system that incorporates:

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What our business includes:

  • Tenant & Owner Portals

  • Maintenance Portals

  • Secure Online Payments

  • Automated Accounting

  • Access to statements/financials 24/7

  • Virtual Listings

  • Live Notifications

  • Online secure document signing


What our business includes:

  • Free advertising to all listing sites which includes,,,, and other major platforms

  • Lawyer approved:

    • Leases​

    • Applications

    • Deposit Forms

  • Personal Leasing Agent

  • Strong rental record

  • Vetted Tenants including background checks and approved credit checks

Leasing a Home
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What our business includes:

  • Responsible maintenance management with your property and wallet in mind.

  • Partnerships with the best handymen in town

  • Live updates on maintenance requests and inquiries

  • Notifications sent directly to owners and tenants

  • Partnerships with handymen and contractors to keep your bill low

  • Contacted for every maintenance request, update, repair, and any other handyman or contracted work

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What our business includes:

  • All payments are done electronically 

  • Extremely Strong Collections Rate

  • Vetted tenants allow for a higher on-time collection rate

  • Smooth, safe, and on-time transactions

  • Notifications of late payments and non-payments

  • In house lawyer allowing for smooth eviction processes, if ever needed

  • Partnerships with online payment platforms

Online Shopping
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What our business includes:

  • Fully automated accounting system

  • Tracking of all expenses

  • Automatic updated monthly statements

  • Yearly income statements sent directly to owners

  • 24/7 accessibility to statements and financials

  • Ad-Hoc meetings to explain financials/accounting if needed

  • Partnerships with local accountants for taxes

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What our business includes:

  • Olivero Law Office for any legal matters 

  • Sisler Contracting - HVAC

  • Cornwell Landscaping - Grass

  • Earthworks - Snow Plowing

  • Deaver & Sons - Handymen

  • Country Boy Maintenance - Handymen

  • Accounting firms and more...

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